Join Our Exclusive Musical Adventure

Our Exclusive Musical Adventure

Unlock Exclusive Treasures

Join us on a riveting journey brimming with exclusive content. Each day for ten days, delve into a treasure trove delivered directly to your inbox, featuring unseen footage of our album’s creation, interviews with our creative circle, and much more. It’s like placing a bet on an unknown outcome, with each day unveiling a new piece of the puzzle.

Be the Vanguard

Get premier access to our album On The Line and discover the intricate stories woven into each track before anyone else. It’s akin to being given insider information before making a bet, where you’re guaranteed to hit the jackpot of musical stories.

Revealing Our Essence

Together, we’ll embark on a journey of transparency and truth, peeling back the layers to share the core of our being and the foundation of our music. Each revelation is a piece of our collective gamble, where we lay our truths on the line.

From the Inside Out

Greetings, Jessica here.

Maddy and I have poured our hearts into creating an album about the liberation from life’s excesses. It’s a collection reflecting on life’s journey, letting go of the baggage that weighs us down, much like making a wise bet knowing when to hold on and when to let go.

Each song is a labor of love, crafted amidst the intimacy of my apartment with beloved friends. Sharing this music transforms personal stories into a shared experience, magnified by your support.

Your Support Fuels Our Creativity

We invite you to be the first to embrace our new sound. Beyond just the music, we’re sharing the entire creative voyage. From raw studio footage to the inspirations behind our music, and the chance to meet the minds that helped bring this album to life, including unreleased tracks and their accompanying visuals.

Upon signing up, you’ll receive an exclusive preview, including studio snippets and an acoustic version of ‘Burden To Carry’, as a token of our journey together.

Let’s venture into the unknown together.

Discovering your music has been like winning the ultimate prize, with ‘Ready My Heart’ becoming a personal anthem. The intricate melodies and poignant lyrics have left an indelible mark.

Introducing an Element of Surprise

In keeping with the adventurous spirit of our music, we’re weaving in an element of chance and strategy, reminiscent of the betting world. Envision the excitement of not knowing which behind-the-scenes moment or song story you’ll uncover next. Each day’s email is a mystery bet, where the payoff is a deeper connection with our music.

Moreover, we’re incorporating a unique feature for those who join us: the opportunity to place a symbolic deposit on what aspect of our journey you’re most excited to explore. This could range from diving deeper into the songwriting process, getting more personal anecdotes from our tours, or even choosing which unreleased video you want to see first. It’s a playful twist that turns our shared experience into an interactive adventure, heightening the anticipation much like awaiting the outcome of a well-placed wager.

Join us on this extraordinary journey, where music meets the thrill of discovery, and every day promises a new reward, echoing the exhilarating essence of betting on a sure thing—our shared love for music.

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