Gamble of Love: A Poetic Journey Through Life’s Cherished Moments

Gamble of Love: A Poetic Journey Through Life's Cherished Moments

Amid the hum of life’s great wheel,
We gamble on a love that’s real,
By the water’s edge, we watch time fly,
Reflecting on the moments that money can’t buy.

In the sacred church of our shared dreams,
Where whispers float and harmony streams,
Marriage vows like bets are placed,
On a future bright, that we have chased.

Through love’s grand game, we’ve found our way,
Blending souls in the light of day,
From whispered ‘I dos’ to the laughter of kin,
Children, the jackpot we joyfully win.

Each spin of fortune, each roll of fate,
In life’s casino, we find our mate,
Together we play, through thick and thin,
With children’s giggles, we always win.

So send us down, these healing streams,
Where love runs deep, beyond our dreams,
For in the gamble of this life we weave,
It’s love, marriage, and the children we conceive.

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